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Do you carry crafts of various kind with you wherever you go? I do. This may seem strange to you but, still, i’ll describe further…

guess what items are in my glove compartment? …

you may have guessed: gloves? NO. map? NO (although, there are some public transportation route maps – obviously of no help to me when I am waiting at the bus stop, as they’re in my car). car manual? NO. emergency flare? NO. hand sanitzer and band-aids? YES. scissors? YES. quilting pushpins? YES?! Yes! rubber bands for crafting rubber-band-balls? YES. styrofoam balls for crafting ornaments and other household-accent items? YES … You getting weirded-out YET?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this page is devoted to some of the craft projects and ideas I’ve, both, begun and completed – mind you, I’ve BEGUN WAY MORE PROJECTS THEN COMPLETED PROJECTS – that might interest you! Post some of your own ideas, too please 🙂 Jasper, here, would LOVE to have you share!

Even if you don’t have a craft you make with your hands, perhaps, you could edit a favorite photo of yours (crafted by YOU) and submit it! I did here…

One response

  1. go ahead! Share your craftiness with us here!

    December 8, 2011 at 2:42 pm

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