A brief hiatus

How is everyone out there? Go ahead, let me know how you’re feeling. Just let it all out. No one’s judging.

Hey –randomness–check it: (more…)

nutty thursday

It’s been quite some time, now, that I’ve submitted a blogpost. But I’ll tell you one thing: Living life in the for-realsies beats blogworld any day. Sorry folks.¬†Now that I’m back to having no life, I thought I could blog. Nah, I’m just teasing y’all. Here are a few updates: My new favorite word is¬†lighttight. How cool is that one? And I wanted to post a few photos from back in the day that I’ve, since, forgotten…until now, that is. some of you have seen them, some of you not but enjoy, nonetheless. I will attempt to include some appropriate captions with each.

She used to be: “Lizzie Read” but now she’s the “Mrs and Mrs. David and Alexandra Wise,” you go Glen Coco. (more…)

Want to be the best? I know you do…let me tell you a little something

You are a few steps away from creating finely composed photograph.

But I am only an amateur…” you say?

Me too!” says me.

Take a deep breath. Here you go…

Step one: Observe to your surrounds everywhere you go. That’s right, you heard me: everywhere you go. Your heightened awareness of social, physical and theatrical context will automatically improve your ability to capture photographic moments with style. My statements may not make the most sense at face value but just apply my basic suggestions and find yourself experiencing your surroundings with a profoundly more insightful attitude. Invest close attention to your surroundings. It pays off. (more…)

5 things that you did not know about me…

Five things you didn’t know about me. Five things I’ve never told you…


Technically unspectacular

In a perfect world, I would use a medium format camera for shooting and processing my own black and white photos. Alas, I am here on earth. That’s right, I work a forty-hour work week and have little time to snap digital photos, let alone buy and develop film in a lab. So for those of you who lack the time and resources to support romantic photography practices of yore, I give you: “Black and White tips, the {Un}edition”


On taking a step back with your craft

Have you gotten excited about the “awesome photos” you will take with your dSLR camera only to experience heartbreak when the images on the screen dissapoint your expectations?

Try these tips and see if your attitude doesn’t change for the merrier: (more…)