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Shabby chic is no faux pa

That’s right, the title says it all. Actually, I’m not even sure what I am getting at with the title but when blogging I try and let my stream of conscious run wild. In this way, I do not feel obligate to edit before publishing. Congrats, you’re reading garbage!


find that old “shouldn’t” post

I do not own my own computer. When accessing the internet I use one of the three technologies: public library dell, iPhone or work PC. I used to write on a lil’ macbook but then I sold it so that I could pay one month’s rent back in 2010. Here’s my crazy Jewish family all enjoying our time playing with PhotoBooth on my old mac.

People say we seem “very Jewish.” and I am always positive that I do not know what they mean 😉 .

I promise you I will post some photos of what I’ve been doing in school. Right now, however, I am attempting to keep my head above water with school projects. In fact, after I publish this wee little bean of a post, I’m headed back for the dark room to do some enlarging and printing

Wow, I am loving all of these cool firework photos that I forgot existed.

Until I am back for another go at the blogging, keep it real everyone!


style in a fancy bargain bin

Still, I wonder where the title for my posts originate but I’m going with it. In the corners of my mind, the silly ideas float around and I just pluck them from that aquarium of brain and post them here. This morning I am watching “You’ve Got Mail” as I write emails and draft contracts, rough work and proposals. The movie, You’ve Got Mail, is my favorite of all the little movies in the world. I can quote, nearly  the entire movie. It’s charming, so charming.

And, almost, I forgot that I took this photograph while visiting Boston in August this year. All of the photos that I took during my visit with the Ballhaussens are quietly perched in my “Picture” files and I’ve shared none with you. As if you’d have to ask — I can upload some and blog about them later. Who knows? You may even get a VLOG…… (more…)

positivity lately

“Positivity” may not be a word. Positivism. Positivism. Positivist. Those are words. It’s been said that I tend to dwell on the negative. As much as this may be true I do always find much positive in life and try to share that in conjunction with nay complaints I may express. So here are some of late: 1. I get to have rainbow sprinkles atop birthday waffles TOMORROW! 2. People tend to wave, smile and giggle, more, when they see me walking to work with Slayer…one lady even said “Oh, God bless you, bless you, bless you, blessings on you…” as I walked by her and her walking buddy yesterday. 

Above pictured is my birthday place mat awaiting it’s sprinkle-full waffle.

In other news, I am planning a FUN GAME for youth Sunday School, not this coming Sunday but, for next Sunday. After our camping trip to Hanging Rock State Park, which is going to be a blast, I’ve thought ahead enough to plan a super-awesome game as to not let down any youths’ fun high.  The game is one version of “Two Lies and a Truth…” or is it “Two truths and a Lie?”…It doesn’t matter, I suppose, as I have nearly two weeks to plan execution.

My mornings have been spent in the quiet of the living room with back door open to eh beautiful breeze outside. Thank you, chilly NC April, for your pleasant company.


Thanks to my aunt, we are eating plenty of glamorous food, although this raw chicken pre-cooking does not look so tasty. Last night we began to watch “Babel” and made a unanimous choice to not, further, subject our evening to depressing footage from a movie who’s four sub-plots seemed to be headed in directions nowhere other than BAD. So we switched to this movie: Love’s Kitchen in the middle of the Babel scene where Kate Blanchett’s character is on the brink of bleeding to death.

No, that scene does not remind me of eating nor does the photo scene above wet my appetite all that much. Nonetheless, I thought I’d share the photos because I, quite, enjoyed the evening at home with Aunty Sharon and it did include the yummy asparagus and chicken featured in this post. To come, later I think, will be some movie reviews as I often end up watching random movies that I find interesting and think it’s be great to keep feedback from my criticism. If that’s not complicated {getting criticism of my criticism} then I do not know what is.

This was a breakfast of mine from this past January and it reminds me that, while my 50 gallons of free blueberries last season are all gone, blueberry picking is not far off! Bring on the blueberries, May. Just thinking of them makes me weak with excitment. Also, a “best of reel” from the office {my office} is soon to come so get excited!

Much love and happy Wednesday ~ Jasper Naomi

and then I said

Currently, my blog is undergoing a major overhaul. Now, you may not be able to see this but it is happening…

:: It is happening. Mostly, the change is all happening in my mind. I’ve tried to manually tweak the styling and format/layout of my blog but this only seems to make matters worse. It’s like I am trying to learn Martian a new language while I am living in the foreign country. The theme: I look like an idiot most of the time. Alas, blog world, I am here to stay {that is, at least for the long short-term, if that makes sense}

This morning in the shower, I thought to myself “And then I told her…And then she said…And then I said…And then she said” as I planned out telling my aunt a funny story. “Is that the most eloquent way to describe what happened, Jasper?” I had as an after thought. Believe me, there’s a point to this tangent. It’s as if, of late, I’ve been trying to create something spectacular and then only coming up with less-than or, at most, mediocre.

Either way, I am going to press on and try to be a bit more gentle with myself. Nobody’s perfect, right? And my blog will certainly never be perfect. It’s like if I played golf…which I don’t. Sometimes you need to work on feeling awkward with you swing, for a while, before it can adapt and change into a really powerful stroke. And you’ve got to keep on practicing before you see any significant strides in your playing. You have to sow willing hours so you can reap beneficial results.




















































































































































Have you ever planned out one enormous idea in your head before you were able to make any sort of physical progress on it? Could it have anything to do with personality, or your personality, in particular?

Have your GINORMOUS plans come to fruition?

…perhaps they will, soon. Happy Tuesday to you!


how many shots does it take to make it JUST right?

eeeeeeh. when you know, you know 😀

how many does it take?












this is for the sad little photographer who can never get that shots right….how many does it take?how many does it take?















never fear for, one, day, you’ll get the styling and lighting right!how many does it take?how many does it take?how many does it take?









just right!~

how many does it take?how many does it take?how many does it take?





maybe :Dhow many does it take?how many does it take?how many does it take?how many does it take?how many does it take?how many does it take?how many does it take?