Shabby chic is no faux pa

That’s right, the title says it all. Actually, I’m not even sure what I am getting at with the title but when blogging I try and let my stream of conscious run wild. In this way, I do not feel obligate to edit before publishing. Congrats, you’re reading garbage!


bathroom confessions of an American Idol hopeful

Where has my brain been, lately? That’s the question I keep wondering as I skip around from topic to topic in most of my conversations. Perhaps it is the anticipation of Slayer leaving me this Friday! Friends and coworkers can barely keep up with my random comments and rabbit-trailed discussion. What to do with the nerves? What to do?

One idea I’ve had is setting aside some quiet time, each and ever morning, to spend reading and praying. Lately, I have struggled with anything other than getting up early and rushing out the door to walk to work and or running errands before the long work day at the office begins. And that means no time to be calm or listen to the quiet each day. This morning was, hopefully, the first of many succesful attempts to spend quiet time with God. And since I’ve had no iPhone {or any kind of phone, for that matter} in the past 30 days, there’s no Bieber mania to distract me from the opportunity for quiet. Yes, I may supplement my loss of Bieber tunes with the occasional five minute viewing of a Never Say Never clip but Justin Bieber, as I have said before is not the worst vice. Although some of you may argue otherwise. Speaking of music/tunes: This morning I was in the bathroom when I heard someone tapping their toes and cooing their way through some saucy vocal waves when she joined me at the sink area. I should have commented over her impressive vocal range but I did not want to disrupt the music. Perhaps she’ll try out for the upcoming American Idol season. I sure hope she does! Some very talented people work in my office.

This weekend, a group of young ladies and I got together to discuss/chat about this book. And Wendy made some lovely {apparently gluten-free} chocolate pumpkin muffins. The hang-out time made a perfect ending for a camping weekend with the youth {this I will re-cap in a post later this week!} Please stay tuned for more information about my recovery journey and a possible 365 day challenge proposal!

Have a Happy Monday ~ it’s off to the ball game with the office for me this afternoon! ~

gimme some lovin’

That used to be one of my favorite Motown jams! “Gimme’ some lovin’.” Back when I was a wanna-be marching-band member and followed my sister around for all she could stand… I loved to sit in the roped-off marching band area with her at the football games and pretend like I was playing the cowbell. When the drum major called “Gimme’ some lovin’,” I would get so excited. The electricity swept over all the marching band and they jumped and jived about while playing their instruments. You can’t find a fun rush like that too many other places in my book. It’s all about the setting, you know.

This omelet, on the other hand, you could whip up in a jif for yourself and create a pseudo-equally-fun experience! Just whisk the eggs and throw in some veggies and voila!

I may have tossed some greek yogurt and balsamic together for sauce but the omelete was tasty enough sans sauce 🙂

This morning I walked to work and I keep seeing sites that I’d miss if I just drove. For instance, I saw a Montana license plate on a car that was driving through Duke’s campus. Who knew? And I also got a shout-out from one very fit group of four runners: “I LOVE the hot pink! Rock it girl!” Yes, the love continues to flow for all of my crippled wrist and arm bones. What will I do without this cast? One other interesting site: a slug that had a studded pattern on it’s back. It was not your run-of-the-mill plain-backed slug. No. I saw a fat, shiny, slug trail with studded-slug at the end this morning.

Lately, I had a sort-of writer’s block, more like, I have gotten criticism for just “being me,” or at least that what it seems like, on the blog and wonder why my emails to individuals {or groups, for that matter} seem to flow much more easily and happily while my blogging post feel guarded or strained as they anticipate nasty feedback. My vow is to continue to march forward and write as it suits whatever style I am able to produce. It seems I am DIFFERENT but not the “right” kind of different. And people don’t know what to do with “different.” Soon, I’ll post an about page that offers a more accurate portrayal of my life today. we’ll see how that goes.For now, though, have a great day and go get you some of that song ; “gimme some lovin’!” …or just make yourself an omelet for lunch Happy Monday ~ Jasper Naomi

all the single ladies

This morning I read this email from my inbox.

That’s right, this Saturday, April 7 th 2012, I shall run my first official marathon. Never, have I run a marathon distance (longest I have run was 21 miles) and I have run a few unofficial half marathon plus one official {San Francisco Half Marathon 2010} half marathon.

After I read that email, I sort-of wanted to distract myself and went ahead to make a little t-shirt mock-up for our family’s next reunion…what’dya think!? Georg and Arabelle are rockin’ Madagascar!

{edited to add: Kathryn and David: Heather and Georg’s kiddos!}

marathon training option

This was one of those “half-marathon” training schedules I proposed 10 weeks ago {cannot believe it’s April, already!} for my, err, marathon and ended up using this one (more or less)

And by “more or less” I mean, today I ran 8 miles instead of 3 and may have to bike 12 this afternoon because I am going to Chapel Hill. Alas, I will get LOTS of sleep this week (going to bed each night before 9 pm) and rest, like UBER rest, on Friday. It’s going to be so much fun!

That’s how excited I sort-of am about running a marathon this Saturday. At least my pretend face appears legit!

Did you get a load of my post title? Yah? This morning on my run, I was wondering about posing a question to all you ladies out there for advice on how to spend “fun” time as a single lady! My friend Elizabeth said that I should “tell” people that I am interested on being set up on a date if, indeed, I am actually interested. After that, I thought “well AM I actually interested?”

Has anyone ever heard Einstein’s definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results… “While I ran, I wondered: “Am I doing the same thing over and over with males {absolutely nothing} and expecting different results?” The few times I have flirted or acting, even the slightest or -worse- majorly interested, the fella’s seem to drop me like a hot bowling ball. Ouch. {for them or for me, I wonder which is worse?} Thus far, the best advice I have gotten is to eNJOY the single life while keeping faith that some day I can share some time with a guy who likes me back!

What is the best “single” life or EVEN “how to go about dating” advice YOU’VE heard, to date?

happy monday everyone ~ jasper

no miracle diet

Have you ever seen something so absurd in YOUR grocery store? If there is one message I’d like you to take away from this post, alone, it’s to NEVER BUY SOMETHING LIKE THIS! Please. How in the world did the manufacturers come up with this one? A calorie free peanut butter spread.  Is, not, peanut butter supposed to have CALORIES? Furthermore, is food, not, supposed to have calories? When I pack my lunch every day I hope that it contains calories. After all, that’s what keeps my heart beating and my brain sharp functioning.

Interestingly enough, after stumbling over this wretched product, which I did not purchase {needless to say}, I overheard these two men walking by the end cap of the aisle where I found the “whipped peanut butter spread.” “There are like no hot chicks around here.” That’s what I heard. And I should not be knocking these guys – I am guilty of judging others based on their physical appearance, though I’d rather not admit to it – but it got me to wondering: “We get these verbal messages that we should ‘accept ourselves’ and ‘love ourselves’ often in society and mass media yet, what it might all boil down to is, I will always be judged based ONLY on my physical appearance.”

Now you tell me: “Who doesn’t want so O’ dat?!!” KIDDDDDDDDING. Really, I just want you to know that, as much as I’d like to be somebody different, those thoughts and feelings are unfair to ME and unfair to my creator. He loves me just as I am, WHY CAN I, not, TOO?! And that goes for you, too!

After biking home with my gallon of organic milk to share with my aunt, I had to tell her about what I saw in the store. Unfortunately, this “whipped calorie free *Contains Trace Calories peanut butter spread” is not the only product available of it’s kind. Let me tell you that the way to keep your body healthy and whole and happy is to eat well and listen to your hunger (while getting a fair amount of regular physical activity) cues. Sadly, many suffer from an inability to distinguish the body’s natural “hunger” signals. So talk to someone if you’re feeling like this describes your situation.

There’s the pops listening to his hunger…

And there’s Jasper, listening to hers…

By the way, THIS peanut butter had lots of calories in it. And it was tasty.

Have you ever felt victim to society’s overt or underlying message about how you should look or what you should eat? What’s one technique you have found helpful for accepting and loving yourself AS YOU ARE?

I love you. I love me. Happy Wednesday to you! ~ Jasper

the cinnamon challenge

Last night a group of us were discussing “the Cinnamon Challenge” … apparently everyone but me has heard of it. And though no one knew any such official cinnamon challenge rule existed, we found some on the internet, of course. It was fascinating to watch David decide if he’d rise to “The Cinnamon Challenge” under peer pressure. Check out his dilemma for yourself…

Have you tried the The Cinnamon Challenge?  Have you HEARD of the cinnamon challenge?