Making your first “cowl”

The term “cowl” is not so largely used as the term “infinity scarf.” When people ask me “Jasper, what are you making?” and I respond “a cowl” they wonder all the more. Have I missed all of the fashion forward memos? Ah well. If you want to know how to make your own cowl, follow these instructions! It’s so easy 🙂

Number one: begin casting-on 30 to 40 basic knit rows…


my toenail fell off!

Really, the title for this blog post was intended to drive unwilling readers to another, otherwise, boring blaze post! No soup for you 😉


Want to be the best? I know you do…let me tell you a little something

You are a few steps away from creating finely composed photograph.

But I am only an amateur…” you say?

Me too!” says me.

Take a deep breath. Here you go…

Step one: Observe to your surrounds everywhere you go. That’s right, you heard me: everywhere you go. Your heightened awareness of social, physical and theatrical context will automatically improve your ability to capture photographic moments with style. My statements may not make the most sense at face value but just apply my basic suggestions and find yourself experiencing your surroundings with a profoundly more insightful attitude. Invest close attention to your surroundings. It pays off. (more…)

change your photos into cartoons, today!

Would not the world be a more fun place if you could take what you picture in your mind and turn it into this:

from this:

or this:

from this:

Perhaps you do not think the world would be such a fun place if one could do this magically. I would, though! And some of you may, already, be able to do this. If you dream it up or something like that. Or dream in cartoon-vision. Sometime I dream in cartoon vision. Last night I had a dream about the movie that I watched after dinner with my aunt. Expect, in my dream, the characters were a lot more complex.  More complex in that: nerdy FBI agent who turns out to be Soviet spy was played by a goat in my dream…well, goat-ish-centaurish-Soviet-spy and the hunted, older assassin from the movie night was played by a kingly-horseish character in my dream last night. No, I did not say horseradish, I said “horseish.” I like that I have completely random {although last night’s dream was not so random as it was loosely based on the movie viewed, just, before bed} dreams each and every night. Let me know if you would like to hear more about them…

And for those of you who wonder how to cartoonify your photos, check out this website where I changed mine: http://www.clker.com/my-cliparts.html

Happy Saturday loves ~ Jasper Naomi