How to make your own at-home comedy

For those of you who need a recipe for laughter and family time that will give you a smile you can keep, look no further. Here at crunchy little bites, you’ll find a tutorial for a making your own comedic video short. Here’s our final product:

Follow these instructions to create your own!

To begin, grab your video-recording device (i.e. your dslr camera with video capabilities, iPhone, iTouch, iPad) and set up a pleasantly simple frame.

Like so: DSC_0169

Next, you must chose your plot, characters and crew. Then sketch out a rough screenplay and go to work! (more…)

Shabby chic is no faux pa

That’s right, the title says it all. Actually, I’m not even sure what I am getting at with the title but when blogging I try and let my stream of conscious run wild. In this way, I do not feel obligate to edit before publishing. Congrats, you’re reading garbage!


Want to be the best? I know you do…let me tell you a little something

You are a few steps away from creating finely composed photograph.

But I am only an amateur…” you say?

Me too!” says me.

Take a deep breath. Here you go…

Step one: Observe to your surrounds everywhere you go. That’s right, you heard me: everywhere you go. Your heightened awareness of social, physical and theatrical context will automatically improve your ability to capture photographic moments with style. My statements may not make the most sense at face value but just apply my basic suggestions and find yourself experiencing your surroundings with a profoundly more insightful attitude. Invest close attention to your surroundings. It pays off. (more…)

Technically unspectacular

In a perfect world, I would use a medium format camera for shooting and processing my own black and white photos. Alas, I am here on earth. That’s right, I work a forty-hour work week and have little time to snap digital photos, let alone buy and develop film in a lab. So for those of you who lack the time and resources to support romantic photography practices of yore, I give you: “Black and White tips, the {Un}edition”


Jane Eyre goes Bohemian for a day

Oh yeah, I am going for a second shot at a first try…


do the “do”

Have you ever seen someone bunch their hair up in the cutest bun and wonder how they sculpted it so effortlessly? Well, I have attempted to capture this phenomenon on camera. My fantastically talented, remarkably enjoyable and kind friend helped me recreate one of those simple ballerina buns, perfect for any afternoon excursion or casual outing.

Use the fun little “do” for all of your fun weekend plans!

Photos on this post were shot with a Nikon D60 dSLR camera 55-200mm kit lens.