Making your first “cowl”

The term “cowl” is not so largely used as the term “infinity scarf.” When people ask me “Jasper, what are you making?” and I respond “a cowl” they wonder all the more. Have I missed all of the fashion forward memos? Ah well. If you want to know how to make your own cowl, follow these instructions! It’s so easy 🙂

Number one: begin casting-on 30 to 40 basic knit rows…

Number two: alternate patterns by beginning one row with a knit stitch and then the next row with a purl stitch.

Number three: Continue rows on your cowl as if you were following a basic 30 or 40 row scarf. I began three rows with a knit stitch and and then switched to beginning the next three rows with a purl stitch…

Number four: Create as many rows as necessary to wrap the length of your creation around the human neck, at least, twice.

Number five: When you’ve reached an appropriate length for your material, stitch the two end-rows at either edge of the “scarf” together with the use of a darning needle or bobby pin.

Number six: Now you have a completed infinity scarf or “cowl.” You will look so fashionable!

Number seven: If you do not feel you have the time for making one…then buy this one!! (from me on my etsy shop)

Have fun making your infinity scarf and calling it a cowl!


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