How to make your own at-home comedy

For those of you who need a recipe for laughter and family time that will give you a smile you can keep, look no further. Here at crunchy little bites, you’ll find a tutorial for a making your own comedic video short. Here’s our final product:

Follow these instructions to create your own!

To begin, grab your video-recording device (i.e. your dslr camera with video capabilities, iPhone, iTouch, iPad) and set up a pleasantly simple frame.

Like so: DSC_0169

Next, you must chose your plot, characters and crew. Then sketch out a rough screenplay and go to work!

My family uses Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker. It’s your standard movie making software found in any current Microsoft Office Suite.


For “The Day After” video our family made this season, we used an iPhone for each of the video clips that we, later, stitched/combined using Windows Live.


Using some music that played throughout recording seemed much easier than overlaying any audio files after we recorded. You can chose whether or not to record video with background music or combine audio files with the recorded video in your post production editing.


Because this entire activity should remain as fun as possible, be sure to involve other fun activities such as knitting, reading and playing board games while you save your completed video.


Use your completed video project for all viewing pleasures and to send to your loved ones all around the world via email, YouTube or try to get fancy and make Justin Bieber tweet the video for you. Hey, it’s worth a shot.


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