find that old “shouldn’t” post

I do not own my own computer. When accessing the internet I use one of the three technologies: public library dell, iPhone or work PC. I used to write on a lil’ macbook but then I sold it so that I could pay one month’s rent back in 2010. Here’s my crazy Jewish family all enjoying our time playing with PhotoBooth on my old mac.

People say we seem “very Jewish.” and I am always positive that I do not know what they mean 😉 .

I promise you I will post some photos of what I’ve been doing in school. Right now, however, I am attempting to keep my head above water with school projects. In fact, after I publish this wee little bean of a post, I’m headed back for the dark room to do some enlarging and printing

Wow, I am loving all of these cool firework photos that I forgot existed.

Until I am back for another go at the blogging, keep it real everyone!


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