style in a fancy bargain bin

Still, I wonder where the title for my posts originate but I’m going with it. In the corners of my mind, the silly ideas float around and I just pluck them from that aquarium of brain and post them here. This morning I am watching “You’ve Got Mail” as I write emails and draft contracts, rough work and proposals. The movie, You’ve Got Mail, is my favorite of all the little movies in the world. I can quote, nearly  the entire movie. It’s charming, so charming.

And, almost, I forgot that I took this photograph while visiting Boston in August this year. All of the photos that I took during my visit with the Ballhaussens are quietly perched in my “Picture” files and I’ve shared none with you. As if you’d have to ask — I can upload some and blog about them later. Who knows? You may even get a VLOG……

Here are a few updates on life:

1. School: Since the last little blog about school projects, I’ve completed quite a few more…some of which have been graded my my professors and returned, some of which have not, yet, been so… We’ve got exhibit A. some film that I developed all by my lonesies…in the dark room. Oh scarrrrry! 

Exhibit B. A contact sheet, also, made in the B&W print room with a condenser enlarger (for those of you who don’t know what a condenser enlarger is, it’s no big deal…but for those of you who do, you can go ahead and mock me for using the terminology on my blog!)

2. Life in general: I TOTALLY forgot to post photos of on the the last Durham Bulls’ games of the season! What adult/kid/person on earth doesn’t LOVE fireworks. They’re so loud but so much fun! (Wait a minute  I’m talking about fireworks, not me! ; )  teasing)

b. Good friends: I was blessed to run in the Women’s only 5K in GSO this past Saturday October 7th for breast cancer awareness. Thank you to my life-long friend Amy Johnson for getting me out there on a beautiful Saturday!A lovely fuzzy photo for fuzzy furry friendly friends!

And here’s a few photos for the road as it’s only fair to give you a bit more photo content if I’m going to insist upon rambling on and on…

As always, thanks for reading. And toodle-loo for now, xoxo

PS. If anyone happens to find typos in my posts, I’d love to hear your feedback on however mildly/severely obnoxious the typos happen to be. Do they leave you feeling uncomfortable? Offended, etc? Feedback appreciated 😉

PPS. I’m not really sure why I like taking photos of airplane but I sure DO!…

PPPS. Check it…33 K views since 2009 ain’t necessary awesome but it ain’t bad either!

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