nutty thursday

It’s been quite some time, now, that I’ve submitted a blogpost. But I’ll tell you one thing: Living life in the for-realsies beats blogworld any day. Sorry folks. Now that I’m back to having no life, I thought I could blog. Nah, I’m just teasing y’all. Here are a few updates: My new favorite word is lighttight. How cool is that one? And I wanted to post a few photos from back in the day that I’ve, since, forgotten…until now, that is. some of you have seen them, some of you not but enjoy, nonetheless. I will attempt to include some appropriate captions with each.

She used to be: “Lizzie Read” but now she’s the “Mrs and Mrs. David and Alexandra Wise,” you go Glen Coco.This one’s SO OLD, I was attempting the ol’ watermark.And this little cutie here was getting one of his first baths back in 2010.Who could forget the Furman Family?

This ole guy ate the one piece of birthday cake we had at my 24th birthday party…

Why does this one remind me of the movie Inception? To this day, it remains a mystery!…Okay, that’s all for now…posting my old photos and the sour egotism of it all is beginning to grate on my nerves.

Until another day…xoxo

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