Want to be the best? I know you do…let me tell you a little something

You are a few steps away from creating finely composed photograph.

But I am only an amateur…” you say?

Me too!” says me.

Take a deep breath. Here you go…

Step one: Observe to your surrounds everywhere you go. That’s right, you heard me: everywhere you go. Your heightened awareness of social, physical and theatrical context will automatically improve your ability to capture photographic moments with style. My statements may not make the most sense at face value but just apply my basic suggestions and find yourself experiencing your surroundings with a profoundly more insightful attitude. Invest close attention to your surroundings. It pays off.

Step two: Imagine what photograph you wish to produce before you even lift the viewfinder eyepiece to your face. This is a looser description of a more technical term: “Pre-production.” The learning curve for pre-producing photographic images is highly individualized, meaning: pre-production varies greatly amongst individual photographers. Wikipedia describes the film pre-productions process like this: “..the script is broken down into individual scenes and all the locations, props, cast members, costumes, special effects and visual effects are identified.” It sounds like a complication and dynamic, well, production. Do not stop here, though. Your confidence will blossom. Like I said it once before, just imagine what you want to produce. It’s all gravy after that.

Step three: Execute thousands of shots. Many of the finest photographers shed much sweat and many tears in the pitch black of their dark rooms. As they mourned the loss of their preciously exposed film, only to find that their photos turned out wanting, the dedicated ones muscled through their lousier performance to find, in the end, that it was all developing formula under the bridge. Keep at it and just be grateful for the technology and efficiency digital photography offers.

Step four: Combine all of the above three steps. The combination of the above three, very, powerful tricks is, not only, a practical suggestion, but it is also an art form. Being an artist means applying dynamism to basic elements. So the next time you are out or you wake up or you stop at the gas station, observe and pay close attention to your surroundings. The context of your life combined with your imagination and rigorous application and execution of basic principles can produced finely composed photographs.

Go ahead, try out my tips. Or return for more amateur photography tips some other time. Or just make yourself a knockoff Andy Warhol, like I did above. Whatever suits your fancy or floats your boat or floats your fancy….or suits your boat.

And finally, these shots were all taken with a Nikon D60 body and sensor and 18-55 mm kit lens. Submit links to your photos in the comments. I would love to see your work and experimenting.


One response

  1. beautiful photos! I love how the landscape of the clouds plays with the landscape of the trees. Such vibrant colours too. Lovely!

    July 19, 2012 at 8:25 pm

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