5 things that you did not know about me…

Five things you didn’t know about me. Five things I’ve never told you…

In list form, I give you: “Five Things You Don’t Know About Me.”

1. If I turn twenty-nine years old and have still not been asked on a date, I’m paying for Match.com. Please do not misunderstand, I’ve nothing against online dating as of today, I’d just like to give real life a few more days of my patience.

2. Becoming a homeowner is my next short, long-term goal. Making the down-payment in cash would be a bonus.

3. I giggle when I pass by one of the work-closets in the office and I see one of my co-workers letting out a giant, puff-cheeked sigh of pure exhaustion. Our job is not hard, by any stretch of anyone’s imagination. By the way, I dubbed this small, five-half-cubicle-filled room in our office the  “work-closet.” Imagine a room so un-glamorous that you could grate cheese or apply your deodorant in there and no one would think you’re weird for doing so.

4. This photo was my desktop background in June 2010:

And finally,

number 5. By close of business on Wednesday, November 20, 2013, I will have purchased myself a Return to Tiffany tm, Tiffany & Co. tag charm necklace and matching tag charm bracelet.

And because I do not want to source a photo for Tiffany & Co., I give you this lovely beach shot, featuring Tiffany & Co. inspired baby blue hues.

Hey, be brave today and reply in the comments with your five.

Love to ya,


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