Technically unspectacular

In a perfect world, I would use a medium format camera for shooting and processing my own black and white photos. Alas, I am here on earth. That’s right, I work a forty-hour work week and have little time to snap digital photos, let alone buy and develop film in a lab. So for those of you who lack the time and resources to support romantic photography practices of yore, I give you: “Black and White tips, the {Un}edition”

“Black and White tips, the {Un}edition”

Black and White tip 1. Shoot in natural light. Naturally {I’m starting early with the puns today} you will obtain better looking, higher quality photos in most cases, whether you’re shooting in black & white or in color. However, natural light will give you freedom to capture a much wider variety of subjects without having to worry about your photos appearing grainy or “noisy.”

Black and White tip 2. Focus on texture. {Oh, how I love photography puns} It is a widely known trick in amateur and professional photography that black and white format enhances texture found in a frame. And the greater the amount of texture captured, the more dramatic your black and white image will appear.

Black and White tip 3. Keep it simple. You do not have to fret over “who or what or when or why or how” your subject will be {Get the picture? Ha – another photography pun!}. Relax. Just keep snapping casual, unforced photographs. Basic editing software like Picasa, Windows Office and paint have increase/decrease saturation capabilities so you can apply the black and white after capture. Don’t feel pressure to “pre-produce” your image. Just focus on enjoying your experience of black and white photography and editing will work the wonders for you.

Black and White tip 4. Embrace. Many people undervalue black and white photography for whatever reason: lack of color {Uh, duh?!}, lack of skill required for shooting in B&W {WHAT?! That’s just crazy, it can be quite a challenge!}, boredom, etc. Hater’s gunna hate. But that is why I say “embrace” and take some time to consider that black and white photography can be your new gateway for photographic revolution and enlightenment! {Last pun, I promise}

So there you have it, a few amateur tips. Enjoy. I shot this photo with a Nikon D60 dSLR camera and 55-200mm kit lens. Very basic.

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