That’s one of my favorite words. Wanderlust. Mostly, I appreciate it when it’s used in its proper context. But it stands just fine on its own I think. I find it fascinating how words can have such meaning to someone. {No lame pun intended, there} This word “wanderlust” inspires my dreams and, simultaneously, encompasses all of my greatest fears and “unknowns.” I want to wander but I am afraid to leave the “familiar.” My hope is to sail solo across the pacific but I’ve never sailed.

Is it true that sometimes you just have to take the leap?

When I first began to blog, I wanted to make my life updates available to family. Then I wanted to use blogging as thought outlet for my many wandering ones. Wanderlust. It is almost like every time I think I could take the leap, I end up choking. This word, wanderlust, has taken on a new meaning for the direction my life is headed now. Instead of setting too many and too extreme of expectations, I can choose to start small.

So here’s to baby steps and smaller goals for the near and distant future.

What are your smaller goals? Are you all about the “wanderlust?”

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