Things are about to get very very cute

This little man is very handsome.

I must admit that he is quite fun, too. The last time I spent the day with an eight-month-old I did not have, nearly, as much fun as I did with this dude.

And though I was very amused with him, I think he could have taken or left my company.

At times, he thought I was entertaining.

And at other times, he preferred to entertain himself.Brace yourself. This little booger, he’s adorable.

While he enjoyed attempting to dislodge the house keys from their chain, I soaked in the sunshine.

Little bean may have gotten a bit sleepy.

But when he got a little bite sleepy, I tried to make a joke.

And though my joke may not have been that funny, he remained a gentleman and laughed a polite laugh.We ate snacks together.

And he even hosted a trip to the Life and Sciences museum!

“Hey Jasper, why don’t you just take a seat with me on my nice blanket?”
“Alright, if you’re gunna be like that, I’ll just nibble on my mummum.”

“I think I hit a tooth…”

“Nah, there’s only three little teeth in there…”

“I am just too cute for words, aren’t I?”

Yes, you are too cute!

But not too cute to keep snapping photos!“I think I see a rabbit!”

It was a funny-looking rabbit.

Trying to clap…

But just having too much fun to not laugh!“I might take a nap…”
“Or I might not…”

Just livin’ life…

“What should we do next?”

“We should find the sunscreen, you say?”

This flannel blanket couldn’t match the grass better, could it?

Call me crazy but these might be the most fun photos I’ve captured in a long while!

2 responses

  1. Kristen H

    I love him because he’s ALLLLLL mine 🙂

    May 17, 2012 at 1:42 pm

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