“Anny Am”

     This morning I passed a sign in the office’s break room that advertised “Aunty Em’s Donuts.” The flyer described cookies, cakes, donuts and other sweet confections available at a local bakery. Suddenly I was taken back to my days of Saturday-morning-anticipation for watching our family’s VHS recording of “the Wizard of Oz.” My mom always liked to tape the television-aired movies with no commercials but sometimes we’d forget to press “Record” at the end of a commercial. In the case of this copy of “The Wizard of Oz,” we missed the first, very important I might add, couple seconds of the poppy fields scene. Oh well. I promise you, there’s a point to this story. “Aunty Em’s” bakery sign reminded me that I always used to find my six-year-old-self repeating Dorothy’s cried for “Aunty Em, Aunty Em.” I was not a ham at all, mind you. But I always use to re-enact the scene, jetting frantically around the back yard with bonnet clutched worriedly around my ears, yelling “ANNY AM, ANNY AM!?!?!” That’s what I thought Dorothy was saying. It was not until 10 years later in my life when I heard people referring to family members or respected elders as “Aunty.” Perhaps it’s more “American” than I might have suspected but I’d never heard the term until I met Brits. Backwoods Oklahoma Kansas is about as American as anywhere can get, right?

When you’re a kid, the world is yours! And you can paint your face to become the animal of your dreams, make secret lands in your back yard and create witches brew in your dad’s wheel barrow using only sticks and berries. But there are lots of things you CAN’T do when you’re a kids, I just can’t think of any cool enough to mention here.

Did YOU ever mistake common phrases or words for what they were not? Have you any childhood stories that you still remember from time to time?

As promised, I shall share cinnamon roll how-to very soon. And I’m making cupcakes for two different events in the next week and a half so you can trust you’ll find photos and recipes here at Crunchy Little Bites soon! Until then, have a very nice day!

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