CGS Youth camping trip to Hanging Rock State Park

These guys contemplated “toss the hot coal.” Progression from thought to action went something like this: “Should we play toss the hot coal, Nick?” Nick: “No way, that’s too dangerous!…Well, as long as we are very careful and just hit the fiery hot coal with the tippy-tip of our fingers.” Fiery hot coal toss begin! {Who tossed that perfectly descent poptart into the fire?!}

**Warning** : This is a photo-heavy post.Some of these photos should be captioned: “Just don’t ask.”

The youth group walks. The youth group talks. The youth group poses for photos with class, style and swagger. Don’t make us say it twice: “We love our camping story-go-round-the-fire-time like a love song.” The weekend was full of smiles, sleeping bags and hot cocoa filled Styrofoam cups bummed off of the neighbors.

There may have been poptarts roasted over the fire, as well.

This lady may not have fallen into the water…

While one of these ladies **I’ll let you take a stab at who lost her footing and took an accidental soaking** may have fallen into the water.

Is that the elder wand?

Hanging Rock State park may never be the same now that CGS has trekked it’s everlasting and rugged depths. Oh yes we did and none-the-worse-for wear are we.

Here we are, pre-40-mile-trek-stretch.* Hamstrings first, people!

It takes heart to accomplish days so chock-full of adventure, obstacle and challenge.* Is someone thinking we still don’t know who’s to blame for the cocoa shortage? Think again!

And it takes lots and lots of sugary foods to provide sustenance for these warriors.*

For one reason or another, CGS really really takes to scraggly-mangy-stray-campground-mutts. Because this poor Rhodesian-ridge back-mix, pledged to be seeking asylum in the quiet backwoods of North Carolina, was, nearly, the highlight of our time camping.

Much to his relief, attention turned back to roasting random items over the our sketchy, pamphlet-kindled campfire. All was well for Pooch, one again.

These ladies were delighted with themselves and their fire-searing banana trick. Needless to say, hot bananas are the new pancake.*

Nick may have contemplated new career options like dermatology*…Teresa learned more about smiling…and, well, Jasper was fixated on her fascination with pyrotechnics. Some people never change.

Some of our youth are currently studying to be free-lance tree climbers while others turn their focus toward meteorology and still-life photography.

Did you have a great time or what?! Again, if anyone was not aware that, primarily, one man was responsible for consuming 98% of the morning’s hot beverage rations, this photo stand to prove so.

Good times were had by all. Especially those of us who made it up the fire tower hike for a gorgeous sunset.

Not to worry parents, everyone stayed far away from the edge.

*No children, bananas, warts, animals, vegetables or minerals were harmed in the making of this article.

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