His name is “Notion” and he’s anything but “brilliant”

Some coworkers at the office and I were discussing the possibility of Disney cinema night. We could all sit out on the lawn at the foot of our tower and watch movies and eat popcorn outdoors. Yes, we do also happen to accomplish some work in our office, too…not just talk about Disney movies…sometimes. We happened to be chatting about of of Disney’ latest movies, Tangled, and my coworker said she’s heartbroken ever time Rapunzel sees her lover-boy willingly abandoning her in the boat {when he is, in actuality, tied to the mast) and I excitedly replied “Hey! You know what that’s called?!” Both coworkers eagerly ask “yeah, what?” And a blank look came to my face…”I forget now.” Yah, that’s all I had to say. “You’re a real literary critic, ain’t ya, Jasper?”
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Well, good day to you from balmy North Carolina! Don’t be mistaken by the excitement plastered across my face, I love the sun!

And lookie here at the little artwork I created while my aunt was away … don’t worry folks, she’ll be back tomorrow evening.You know just as well as I do that these things we call “brilliant notions” at one point or another can sometimes turn out to be pretty bad ideas. For instance: two years ago I had the “brilliant notion” that if I moved to Reno, NV to help some guy that I was in love with, that he’d want to marry me. NOT a brilliant notion. More on that story later…yesterday I told my friend at work a bit about it and after recovering from a gaping jaw, she said “no way!” Well, yes way.So here’s to a day full of more-than-brilliant notions for you! If you’ve got any you’d like to share, leave them below!

Have you ever had a brilliant or NOT-SO-BRILLIANT notion?

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