bathroom confessions of an American Idol hopeful

Where has my brain been, lately? That’s the question I keep wondering as I skip around from topic to topic in most of my conversations. Perhaps it is the anticipation of Slayer leaving me this Friday! Friends and coworkers can barely keep up with my random comments and rabbit-trailed discussion. What to do with the nerves? What to do?

One idea I’ve had is setting aside some quiet time, each and ever morning, to spend reading and praying. Lately, I have struggled with anything other than getting up early and rushing out the door to walk to work and or running errands before the long work day at the office begins. And that means no time to be calm or listen to the quiet each day. This morning was, hopefully, the first of many succesful attempts to spend quiet time with God. And since I’ve had no iPhone {or any kind of phone, for that matter} in the past 30 days, there’s no Bieber mania to distract me from the opportunity for quiet. Yes, I may supplement my loss of Bieber tunes with the occasional five minute viewing of a Never Say Never clip but Justin Bieber, as I have said before is not the worst vice. Although some of you may argue otherwise. Speaking of music/tunes: This morning I was in the bathroom when I heard someone tapping their toes and cooing their way through some saucy vocal waves when she joined me at the sink area. I should have commented over her impressive vocal range but I did not want to disrupt the music. Perhaps she’ll try out for the upcoming American Idol season. I sure hope she does! Some very talented people work in my office.

This weekend, a group of young ladies and I got together to discuss/chat about this book. And Wendy made some lovely {apparently gluten-free} chocolate pumpkin muffins. The hang-out time made a perfect ending for a camping weekend with the youth {this I will re-cap in a post later this week!} Please stay tuned for more information about my recovery journey and a possible 365 day challenge proposal!

Have a Happy Monday ~ it’s off to the ball game with the office for me this afternoon! ~

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