news for you; strange for Jasper

It’s been a while since taking my last “artsy” photograph. Unfortunately, that’s because my Nikon is out of commission. There a few benefits to my dilemma: I am forced to find neat photos that I have taken in the past and would have, otherwise, never used in a blog post or attempted to share. And I am actively searching for a new camera in which to invest my money. One other thing that is true, aside to my camera being out of commission, is that I’ve applied for an associate’s degree program in commercial photography. Since I have major pride issues, the idea of announcing my future “lesser” schooling endeavors to a community full of genius-achieving “academics,” I tend to call them, was not so appealing. But that needs to be my old opinion, thank you very much. If anyone wants to ugde me based on my degree program well then that will have to be there deal.

Making a big and fancy announcement doesn’t have to be the focus of this post, even. Perhaps I just want to write about it to put it out there in the open. No longer does it need to be a secret or hidden from the world. So hear this world: “Jasper’s goin’ back to school!” The future is brighter 🙂

Recently I have been in what feels like a deep trough depression. Many people say “What?! No way! You don’t ‘seem’ depressed.” It is possible that I have gotten so used to carrying on with “life” no matter how I feel that others do not notice or it is possible that the way I cope with depression is unique to me. Nonetheless, I am grateful to have had last week and four days therein to spend with my parents at the beach! Stay tuned for photos and re-cap for the beach trip for which I am ever grateful to my parents for treating me! Thanks!

What’s your big news of late? Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

Happy Friday ~ Jasper …

PS. This lady’s taking the high school and middle school students camping!

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