I love adverbs

The original title for this past was “If it fits, it ships; courtesy of the USPS” because I was on my walk to work and had to make a stop my preferred Durham, NC United States postal office on Kangaroo Road. Wouldn’t that make a cute blog post title? Only, I had no pertinent information for a blog post for which such a title would be intended. Another item I considered on my walk to work was this: grammar and parts of speech. Many of you may know that I make grammatical errors quite a lot but they peeve me just the same. They’re such a curious and searchable subject, parts of speech that is. Prepositions, phrases, adjectives, nouns, modifiers, lest I go on. 

Last night I rode the bus from Chapel Hill to Durham after a meeting at the Neurosciences hospital and as the only passenger, I think the bus driver felt it appropriate to entertain me with conversation. He shared that President Obama would be making an appearance on UNC-CH’s campus tomorrow {news to me as I’d have waited in line for a free tickets to the president’s speech} and that “women should not be allowed to join the secret service,” among other items in the bus driver’s opinions. Whatever the bus driver’s view, his comments got me to thinking: “It’s pretty interesting that every one person seems to have something to say…” Profound. I know. This was a photo I took of a cute little bean and friend in Reno, NV. She even hopped into an abandoned shopping cart for a photo that day and I am not sure that I’ve shared it on the blog or not.

A few days ago I was on my way to work and I saw something that I was, at first, reluctant to share, mostly because I thought “What if the person who I describe finds my description on the blog?” but if she does, that’s ok…This girl was dressed up in all the latest work-out clothing and marching her way through the 5-K running trail, complete with head band and iPod. In her right hand, I see jumbo size Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cup. I am sure it was filled with water 😉 This chic was impressive: all the morning necessities, workout, coffee and all. And if you {she} finds this blog, please comment because I’d like to meet you, your style is awesome.Check out the new addition to crunchy little bites. Ok, so it’s a Tiffany lamp. For some reason, I really like it! Not sure if it is going to remain on the blog but for now, it’s a yes! Yes to the lamp! And if any of you care to explain, further, “I love lamp {Jasper, still, does not understand the whole Anchorman reference}” idea, please do!

This weekend I am planning to camp out in Hanging Rock State Park with a fairly large group of high-school and middle-school aged students. For the trip, I am preparing homemade trail mix and trail cookies. And if there is a random cancellation of the trip, I plan to have the ladies over for baking on Friday night on which there might be an impromptu viewing {cuz I’m not planning on anything, really ;)} of the extended “director’s cut” version of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. That is, only if the girls are truly lucky. If we are really REALLY LUCKY, we’ll hop out on the town for a viewing of The Luck One. I TOTALLY agree with this girls’ love for The Lucky One movie. Oh, I am super excited about the possibility of seeing that movie!

For now, bye-bye!

Stayed tuned for story about my toenails coming off. The post will include a **disclamier, of course 🙂  As well as my most recent experiement with this girl’s poo-less project. Oh YeYah, I DID it!

Happy Tuesday to you ~ Jasper Naomi

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