what, the smell, happened to you!?

Last night on my walk home from the hospital I got to thinking {since my iPhone is deadzo} instead of tuning out to some classic JB tunes…which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad thing, NOT listening to music, that is. Anyway, I thought of something weird, of course: What would be a good time to use this play on words: “What the smell happened to you?!” and it really only made sense in this context: if someone arrived at your doorstep after a run-in with an angry skunk. I know, I am weird, feel free to judge.

This guy is was completely secure in his costume and I wonder if one day I’ll find myself, the same kind-of confidence an all, in his spirit one day. For the last couple of days I have found myself sort-of dwelling on what “others” think of me and as much as I’d like to think it doesn’t “get me down,” it does. But life is full of criticism for all of us. Good and bad. And we’re not alone in struggle. Many talk about it more or less than others but we are certainly not alone!

This chica is a talented, fiery, probably very kind lady whom I saw performing at a cultural arts festival. As much as I’d like to think that no one would ever make negative comments about such a fine lady, I am probably wrong. People might always have “something” to say but I sure am glad that no comments stop her from performing her art. Beautiful.

This morning I saw a robin just hanging out around a tree on Duke’s campus and next to him: a squirrel! And just yesterday I saw a rabbit and a squirrel chilling at the park. Tomorrow, I hope to see, both, a rabbit and a robing together although the likelihood of seeing two squrrels together would be greater. A girl can dream I suppose 🙂

The feautured image on this post was an “artsy-shot-gone-wrong-fail” I took of my friend Bria’s engagement ring. It reminds me that life is full of spectacular things in the middle of simple, run-of-the-mill-regular days, like this diamond in a flower. It’s a stretch, I know but I don’t deny my lameness one bit. Happy Thursday folks ~ much love ~ Jasper Naomi

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