all the single ladies

This morning I read this email from my inbox.

That’s right, this Saturday, April 7 th 2012, I shall run my first official marathon. Never, have I run a marathon distance (longest I have run was 21 miles) and I have run a few unofficial half marathon plus one official {San Francisco Half Marathon 2010} half marathon.

After I read that email, I sort-of wanted to distract myself and went ahead to make a little t-shirt mock-up for our family’s next reunion…what’dya think!? Georg and Arabelle are rockin’ Madagascar!

{edited to add: Kathryn and David: Heather and Georg’s kiddos!}

marathon training option

This was one of those “half-marathon” training schedules I proposed 10 weeks ago {cannot believe it’s April, already!} for my, err, marathon and ended up using this one (more or less)

And by “more or less” I mean, today I ran 8 miles instead of 3 and may have to bike 12 this afternoon because I am going to Chapel Hill. Alas, I will get LOTS of sleep this week (going to bed each night before 9 pm) and rest, like UBER rest, on Friday. It’s going to be so much fun!

That’s how excited I sort-of am about running a marathon this Saturday. At least my pretend face appears legit!

Did you get a load of my post title? Yah? This morning on my run, I was wondering about posing a question to all you ladies out there for advice on how to spend “fun” time as a single lady! My friend Elizabeth said that I should “tell” people that I am interested on being set up on a date if, indeed, I am actually interested. After that, I thought “well AM I actually interested?”

Has anyone ever heard Einstein’s definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results… “While I ran, I wondered: “Am I doing the same thing over and over with males {absolutely nothing} and expecting different results?” The few times I have flirted or acting, even the slightest or -worse- majorly interested, the fella’s seem to drop me like a hot bowling ball. Ouch. {for them or for me, I wonder which is worse?} Thus far, the best advice I have gotten is to eNJOY the single life while keeping faith that some day I can share some time with a guy who likes me back!

What is the best “single” life or EVEN “how to go about dating” advice YOU’VE heard, to date?

happy monday everyone ~ jasper

2 responses

  1. yayy can’t wait to hear about your marathon, good luck jasper I’m sure you’ll rock it! And that t-shirt design is stellar, is that a website you used to design it? And you have a ton of family members, wow! What is the significance of Africa?

    April 3, 2012 at 10:25 am

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