no miracle diet

Have you ever seen something so absurd in YOUR grocery store? If there is one message I’d like you to take away from this post, alone, it’s to NEVER BUY SOMETHING LIKE THIS! Please. How in the world did the manufacturers come up with this one? A calorie free peanut butter spread.  Is, not, peanut butter supposed to have CALORIES? Furthermore, is food, not, supposed to have calories? When I pack my lunch every day I hope that it contains calories. After all, that’s what keeps my heart beating and my brain sharp functioning.

Interestingly enough, after stumbling over this wretched product, which I did not purchase {needless to say}, I overheard these two men walking by the end cap of the aisle where I found the “whipped peanut butter spread.” “There are like no hot chicks around here.” That’s what I heard. And I should not be knocking these guys – I am guilty of judging others based on their physical appearance, though I’d rather not admit to it – but it got me to wondering: “We get these verbal messages that we should ‘accept ourselves’ and ‘love ourselves’ often in society and mass media yet, what it might all boil down to is, I will always be judged based ONLY on my physical appearance.”

Now you tell me: “Who doesn’t want so O’ dat?!!” KIDDDDDDDDING. Really, I just want you to know that, as much as I’d like to be somebody different, those thoughts and feelings are unfair to ME and unfair to my creator. He loves me just as I am, WHY CAN I, not, TOO?! And that goes for you, too!

After biking home with my gallon of organic milk to share with my aunt, I had to tell her about what I saw in the store. Unfortunately, this “whipped calorie free *Contains Trace Calories peanut butter spread” is not the only product available of it’s kind. Let me tell you that the way to keep your body healthy and whole and happy is to eat well and listen to your hunger (while getting a fair amount of regular physical activity) cues. Sadly, many suffer from an inability to distinguish the body’s natural “hunger” signals. So talk to someone if you’re feeling like this describes your situation.

There’s the pops listening to his hunger…

And there’s Jasper, listening to hers…

By the way, THIS peanut butter had lots of calories in it. And it was tasty.

Have you ever felt victim to society’s overt or underlying message about how you should look or what you should eat? What’s one technique you have found helpful for accepting and loving yourself AS YOU ARE?

I love you. I love me. Happy Wednesday to you! ~ Jasper

2 responses

  1. You go girl! Maybe why they aren’t dating is their attitude!!!!!
    I’d rather have you as you are now (for my friend) versus than “the ideal girl” anyday. You are REAL!

    March 29, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    • thank you! I just fill up with brightness when I read your comments 🙂

      March 29, 2012 at 10:11 pm

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