family Christmas “2011”

family Christmas "2011"We did not get to celebrate Christmas 2011 as a family this past year so we made up for that this past weekend!

There were not any stockings involved but we has such a nice time together!

family Christmas "2011"

Pinkies up everyone!

family Christmas "2011"

Dad got a sweatshirt from my work…

family Christmas "2011"

MaShelley got a box inside of a box…

family Christmas "2011"

…inside of a box…you get it šŸ˜€

family Christmas "2011"

Red, white and green represent!

family Christmas "2011"

Appetizers and tuna steaks for the main meal…nice marinades make a world or difference at Christmas time šŸ˜‰

family Christmas "2011"

Merry Christmas to the grilling team!

family Christmas "2011"

family Christmas "2011"

We even watched Christmas movies and went for traditional family Christmas stroll around the neighborhood. Fun times! Merry Christmas from your family to yours! And a happy New Year! )and happy thursday šŸ™‚ )

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