how to finish what we’ve begun

One of my favorite things, lately, has been turning “draft posts” into published posts! For some reason I just LOVE to begin things and then NEVER finis

Okay, okay, my “finishing things once I’ve begun them” change is not going to happen over night but where better to begin than SMALL with my little finishing-blog-posts-by-editing-and-publishing-once-I’ve-begun’them ain’t a shabby place to begin!

happy ii

Originally, I wanted to make them posts a sort-of-reader-of-my-0blog-working-encyclopedia-of-my-office but then I thought: “How boring” … So I have turned a collection of random coworkers into more of a little-things-in-life-tutorial.

happy iii

Isn’t it crazy that February 2012 is, nearly, finished! My parents will arrive from Africa on March 6th and I have not seen them, in person, for over three years, now. It’s surprising to think about when I actually chat within and write to them and have more interaction with them than I do with other folks.

happy iv

And the more I sort-of reminisce over how much I have learned, how challenging the year has been so far and how I’d like things to “look up,” I realize that 2012 is going to be a pretty swell year, after all, no matter what my life weathers.

happy v

Look at all these happy and smiling faces at my work…I mean it’s a nice place to work and all it just always gets me thinking….I am behind the camera so often and hear comments like “THAT BETTER BE A GOOD PICTURE”…but everyone covers their face when I try to snap a shot (how am I suppose to ensure “A GOOD PICTURE” when you are doing everything possible to make yourself look wretched…sorry folks, don’t send me hate mail 😀 )

happy vi

But somewhere, deep inside everyone, is this desire to smile. To really smile. One day I will learn more and more of the endless depth to the human soul and spirit, I believe, through snapping photos and portraits.

happy vii

For today, I’ll let others be the teachers while I am, still, very much, the student.

happy viii

Sorry I have been MIA for a couple of days! Hopefully I’ll have some good posts coming up here soon! Happy Tuesday for now!!!!!!!!!! much love – Jasper

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