how to play with your food

With a title like this, you know it’s gonna be a fun post!

yummy sgatti!























Who doesn’t love noodles? I dont know! Noodles, noodles — can’t get enough noodles!























That’s right! I used the microwave as a lovely mirror!


















To begin playing with your food:
























My aunt Sharon and I like to sautee: Ginger, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, fresh spinach, herbs and spices in a skillet…

emergency stash!























We keep such staples in the refrigerator in case of dinner emergencies! 🙂 This one featured chick peas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
























Assemble ingredients for instant dinner fun and nutrition! … check out this amateur photography! 🙂 ALL manual focusing take practice but I refuse to use auto focus…
























And if anyone can please explain to me this new BLASTED “text enhance” … is it a virus on my computer or is everyone else seeing “text enhance” randomly while reading blog and websites…is it a good chrome thing!!?…then that’d be great!
























Do yourself a favor: go play with your food! 🙂 hehe…Happy Friday!

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