could this be why my hands are STILL orange?!

My aunt Sharon tells me that one mango contains TONS of beta-carotene as well as Vitamin A (for which beta-carotene is a precursor, making the MOSt of the mango-contained Vitamin A), enough, to last 6 months! Wowee! Too bad I’ve got this weird intolerance for mangoes! Nonetheless, I think I have WAY TOO MANY sweet potatoes, pumpkins, carrots and beta-carotene, in general, back in October and November so my awfully-orange hands are paying the price it takes to be considered, most beautifully, orange now! oh well!























The photo above reveals some of that BRIGHT orange hue from the very-much fat soluble Vitamin A and beta-carotene, now, contained in my hands! All that to say, this post is more like a confession of one of my favorite afternoon snacks of late! – Steamed Kale snack-sammiches! English muffin, bread, whatever it takes to sammich that kale, I’m a happy camper (camping out in my cubicle at work!)

These two photos were taken nearly 1.5 months apart and I think my hand are looking a LOT less orange in the more recent photo above!

What do you think? Apparently, kale is pretty beta-carotene rich so I might just be continuing the problemo! Oh well!

Have a happy Thursday!

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