postcard writing and making for dummies!

Do you appreciate receiving or sending a hand-written letter? I LOVE to write letter, perhaps, even more than I love receiving hand-written letters! And, yes, this post is being categorized as “penship” not “penmanship” as I have decided to create a new word, entirely, for a new category 😀

Back to post-card making! Collecting old scraps of paper and magazine clippings can be especially useful for penship 😉 … Now I am not ENTIRELY sure that all of my letter-recipients appreciate, what I feel are, my awesomely recycled materials-made postcards or letter, I know that I think they’re so much fun to send! Hopefully, the folks that receive my letters appreciate getting a letter in the mail…whether my crafting skills are stinky or not.

To begin with the letter-writing process, I like to get inspired! It doesn’t take much to get me wanting to write letters, but Pinterest can be a fun place for post-card, letter or package sending ideas…

Believe it or not, when my iPhone lost ALL contacts I said “eh, anyone important can just give me a call, no need to freak out…” but I cried after thinking “I just lost all of those home addresses to which I enjoy writing and sending letter! 😦 ” Boo-hoo’d for a while over that thought! Not to worry, though 🙂 I had JUSt backed up the iPhone to a desktop and system-restored that babay!

See my set-up, here, found above…Just take some time out of your day to sit down and try writing a letter to an old friend, a dear friend or even one who lives in the very same town as you! It’s fun to get the post man to deliver a letter for you, even if it is locally delivered! Also, find fun random craft accents for your letters – I LOVE to use baker’s twine for decorating mine!






































My friend Hannah from New Zealand and I have been writing to each other for nearly 20 years (in August of this year, it will be twenty!) ever since my grandparents met up with her grandparents while traveling in Hannah’s home country in the Pourakino Valley (correct me if I am wrong, Hannah! 🙂

iPhone and cute plants are fun company for letter writing too…I’d better back up all of my addresses on hard-copy though in case my phone crashes, once, again!

So get out those pens and scrap paper and find addresses for friends while stamps are only $0.45! Yikes, I might have to resort to all email once the postage rates continue to REALLY rise!

On another note, Ashley’s post really got me excited about lots of random things, but Medjool dates and the date palm tree, especially! So fascinating! – check it out on some Wikipedia love!

And I might have cried like a little baby when I saw this video story from Twitter.

Have a happy Wednesday…it’s nearly 5 am here and I am sick in bed with fever…about to fall back to sleep….

2 responses

  1. Ashley

    I love getting “jasper notes” in the mail!

    February 8, 2012 at 12:46 pm

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