rubber band balls for dummies

So my home gym consists of Netflix-stremed exercise videos, a jump rope, running shoes and an indoor poor + slide plus 2.5 lb free weights. Right now, though, I m in the process of making one new addition to the home gym! A medicine ball!

Don’t mind the iPhone and nail polish, they’re just for good measure. Literally! The rubber-band ball continues to grow as I continue to add pound after pound of rubber-bands to the ball!

how many pounds of rubber-bands to use?

YOU get a vote, too! How many pounds, more, of rubber-bands shall I add to my rubber-band ball for making my home-gym-medicine-ball? 1? 2? 3? 10lbs more?

you tell me!?

All it takes is more and more bags of rubber-bands to add to the ball!

that's right rubber bands + craftiness = patience!

For tomorrow! “Postcard writing/making for Dummies!”

yay for post cards!

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