smiles for friday























It’s FUN to remember silly things while looking back on one’s past…and it’s nice to reflect on the right-here-right-now blessings in life…as well as wonder and dream over the future (in moderation, of course!)























for FRIDAY, yay, today: something old: Mr. Rogers. Oh how I LOVED Mr. Rogers! It was always one show that my sister and I, both, agreed to watch! (She preffered Muppet Babies -the humor always seemed to go over my head – I am pretty sure my sister, Serin, is/was genius beginning at a young age and she caught advanced humor that, otherwise and still does, goes right over my head!) Sesame street was also a show I liked – Reading Rainbow too – while my sister laughed out loud at Pee Wee’s Playhouse – I never understood his freakiness either…ah well! some blessings from today! – again FRIDAY! – one: I just won some soygurttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt yay babay! I don’t “win” things so I am convinced that now, more than ever, I aM IN THIS TO WIN THIS babay…beginning with soygurt 😀 click here to see my prize 🙂 – I promise the link isn’t sketch hehe! thanks Melissa! two (blessings from the present): I just LOVE the second stall in the bathroom at work! Do any of you have a favorite stall in your work restrooms!? I used to like the last stall but now I am totally loving the second (from the left & first) stall in the restrooms at work! call me crazy, but it just makes me smile when I get the the restroom and that stall #2 is free!!!!!!!!!!























the future: even though I spend plenty of time day-dreaming and trying to reign my thoughts in, I will not spend that much time writing about it today! Mostly I’ll just say that its “smiles,” yes, smile in general are what I am dreaming of in the future. Little smiles on little faces are some of my favorite things and I’d LOVE to have kiddos with them on (smiles) running around some day but not some day soon! So enjoy the friday post here at clb and have a happy friday! – jasper naomi























PS. another friday favorite thing (blog-related) is gena’s post go check it out!!!!!!!!!

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