It’s the little things in life that make me smile. That make us smile.


Sometimes its the little, little things in life that make us smile!

So, I talk with patients on the phone every day at work. And they say some of the funniest things:

One day some guy was getting really annoyed with me and my questions and after I asked this older male pt the question: “In the last four weeks, how many days per week did you exercise, for at least twenty minutes at a time, outside of your daily activities?” …to which he replied: “Well I ain’t gunna go outside and turn flips or climb trees if that’s what you’re asking!”

The man was annoyed with all of my questions and fired off witty, cynical and cranky replies to every, which, one of my questions. And though the man was making me giggle, he was not having a good time at all. If I really thought about it, I might assume that the man had no real joy in his life if he were ready and able to be rude and impatient with a perfectly pleasant ( me šŸ˜‰ ) stranger.

Two other patients last week sounded a little bit like Julia Child…which reminded me of one of my favorite movies, Julie and Julia, which includes a funny SNL clip of Dan Aykroyd playing Julia Child…the clip isn’t available on YoutTube but this one of Julia Child’s “Chafing Dish Dinner” is pretty cute…when Amy Adams’ character, Julia, and her husband watch the SNL skit making fun of Julia Child, it just cracks me up!

Anyway, this post has gone in all sorts of directions in two short paragraphs! Nonetheless, I think it is important to say that we can find little things every day that make us smile! People are all around and, not that, their smiles are the most important things but it can be said that the things that make us smile and, simply, the smiles we see are incredible gifts! And I am grateful, today, for the little things.


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