dancin’ and prancin’

It was so hard to watch them bury Grandpa. Why?

This is NOT meant to depress me, further, or meant to depress anyone, for that matter. I just miss good ties with ‘ole Grandpa Foster. So it’s time to wake up to some truths! Grandpa and dancing in heaven – I never saw Grandpa skip around and dance, really!

and check out the little Operation Beautiful note that I posted in the bathroom…Grandpa would have thought it was funny! 🙂

also…I made some grain purchases at Whole Foods this morning and am SO EXCITED about that for some reason 🙂 I was like a giddy little school girl buying candy like Angela mentioned sort-of today, in her post! 🙂


have a lovely happy Friday…can’t wait to see you all tomorrow!~

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