james bakes!

Who knew that this little guy could make these?!?!?!

the goods

You’ll never believe it, folks! …but I think I will get to see little James! and of course, Tim and Kate this weekend!

arial view of da cookies!

On the day after Christmas, James helped me bake chocolate chip raisin oatmeal cookies!

James is two. And he is not so into the idea of being friends with his step-cousin-Jasper…but I am TOTALLY into the idea of being friends with James! I thought, “perhaps I’ll try luring him in with cookies?!”

James is so curious about every little thing. I mean every little thing. It’s a wonder he’s not developing his own set of scientific theses at this point…probably his parents wouldn’t want it going to his head, just yet. For know, he’ll just inspire me to study, more, my own surroundings as he does.

Look at how the ingredients combine in such a sticky manner!

James does like cookies but he prefers bleu cheese with dinner crackers. Plus bacon. Plus organic ice cream. So James does not find it a problem to forego sneaking a bite of raw cookie dough…

“Master James” as some, do, call him, presents his head to those willing to bestow upon it a “farewell” or “greeting” kiss.

James favors a kiss from Grandma.

And before you know it, just when you think he’s not had enough of your crown kiss, he’s off for the next adventure!

note: he was not in charge of this photo, for which, though, he did provide the cookies

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