this is the green nom nom monsta…

guest appearance!!!!!!!! my ode to Love Grown!

Imagethis is the green monster…yes. Wendy has seen one up close and personal…well, Wendy has yet to get personal (ingestion) with a green monster but one day it’ll happen. One day.

It’s a very small photo, yes, but I was trying to make it SO small so that I could submit it to the GMM website….one day I shall firgure it out.

This morning I was creating a parfait to take with me and serve to my friend, Laura, at work. She, unlike Wendy, said she’d like to try one of my concoctions…and I am permitting her to toss it after one bite if she doesn’t like it! I’ll let you know how it goes…isn’t Laura a cutie? … Wendy is a cutie too!

Would you eat the parfait above that I made? What is one of the weirdest culinary creations YOU’VE come up with? 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

One response

  1. okay so the parfait didn’t look very layered ;/

    i can always look forward to creating my next one (masterpiece!) 😀 hehe

    December 30, 2011 at 2:07 pm

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