christmas gift-making

This morning I shared some frustrations of mine with my good friend. Instead of her listening with reverent nods and smiles of justifying sighs, like my controlling behaviors would have imagined she’d please me with, she asked me objective questions that called me out on my selfishness. Within the hour, I felt deep gratitude for such honest friendship and accountability; however my gratefulness swam around in what is intense self-hatred. How can healthy reprimand for my bad attitude result in such painful feelings? In all this, I can see that the heavenly discipline (through God and my good little friend) did not CAUSE me pain, it’s the self-loathing and unhappiness deep-down on which a healthy attitude-check shed some light. So now what to do with the token of enlightenment? BREAK this cycle! It’s a gift, awakening slowly to the depravity of my condition. I will ask God to help me continue making amends with him for my sad choices and chose to do something kind to myself and the Spirit of life that lives inside of me today…there’s a world of possibility for this attitude of kindness and compassion right outside (and inside-of) my cubicle opening! Stay tuned for the outcome! And PLEASE leave some ideas in your comments below~ and have a wonderful day!

look-a here at some of the neato things we can do on picnik 😀

and here is some of the latest and greatest footage/still lifes of santa’s workshop this year! stay tuned! more to come! 😀 and thank you, Wendy for slaving over the computer in order to send me the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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