Roughly a year and two months ago, this week, I caught one and perhaps four more after that mouse in my car.

Did you know that search-engining the word “mice” produces some funny results? For instance I had heard, once-upon-a-time but, since, forgotten that the “proper English” word for mice is “mices.” The word is pronounced to sound like “Meeces.”

I wanted to find some images on the internet that would fit nicely into this post, however, the longer my car’s mouse problem carried on, I did not need find internet images.

Here’s the first mouse, Squirt. He is a baby mouse, the one I caught, first, thinking he was the INFAMOUS “Charlie.” After, nearly, two months of my hunt for “Charlie the mouse,” I thought the battle was over and won. I could breathe easy at last. Little did I know that I’d find an upwards of five mice dead/alive in the traps (mostly live) set in my car! 

So I cannot believe that I never published this post…meet “squirt” I’ll post more photos soon! In the mean time, have a lovely day! 🙂

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