Once upon a dream ii


Still, I’m on my “Ps. Keller Kick.” For those of you who are not, already, familiar with my relative spontaneity, I just, now, came up with the idea’s title. That’s right, here on the fly,

Ps. Keller Kick aka Jasper’s Tim Keller Kick

There were, nearly, too many commas in the former sentence, too, I wanted to mention. And there were far too many commas in the latter sentence, as well. I digress. I want to continue my mini exposé on “remembering the loving arms we remember but never had.” A couple of days ago I was quoting a sermon about a “The Wounded Spirit” on “Once upon a dream i” and it’s referring to this sense of dissatisfaction with this life that many of us humans experience. Many of us humans may be experiencing dissatisfaction today, maybe not. This dissatisfaction, this yearning, this being convinced that there is “something more” than what we’re experiencing or this “how we’re living today” can be indication that something’s inherently wrong with our lives. Please do not misunderstand, everyone’s case is different and I do not want to me contradictory in my reasoning by simplifying humanity’s problem, NO! But if you’ve willingness to look at the situation with the possibility that Jesus’ point is, at all, accurate, you might take a look at these scriptures (in context, take a look, too 🙂 ) “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.” Matthew 7:13 niv Perhaps we HUMANS are simply TRYING TO HARD to “fix ourselves” so that we CAN enter the gate when we were NEVER intended to enter the gate of truth permitted by any of our own works, rather our humanity limits us, in an everlasting and eternal failure, to be able to achieve greatness. And he makes the way narrow and, through faith, we enter. Simply and of no conceivable work or effort of our own can we enter through the gate that was, his alone, won for us. On the bus today, I was writing to my Uncle. You can see, below, that I might have dated the letter to have been “written” early than I actually wrote it, as I wanted him to think I’d written it in with more punctuality than in actuality. Guilty – see! Even with the little things, if I’m honest than I struggle with sincerity and integrity on many levels!



My Uncle is getting older and I love him so much and I SO WANT TO share with him my joy over the scriptures – what I’m learning but he doesn’t like “all the dogma” of religion. Really, though, you may be reading this and judging, resenting, disliking or embracing, loving, yearning, yourself, to share your ideas with other! – Whatever your reaction to my words, I wonder if we could begin by facing these questions ourselves, looking inward with where we truly are with Him or ourselves or with life. Personally, I’d LOVE to hear your response and all you have to do is press reply below! You could also let me know if you would/wouldn’t like me to make your response public or if you’d like me to keep your reply private…either way, I’d love to hear your input on the comments, scriptures, idea, sermon etc! Much love! – Jasper20111207-163413.jpg

3 responses

  1. Angela Diaz

    Hi there Jasper! This really hits home with me “Many of us humans may be experiencing dissatisfaction today, maybe not. This dissatisfaction, this yearning, this being convinced that there is “something more” than what we’re experiencing” You know we are working on our inventory right now and last night I finally put pen to paper and boy when I started I just did not stop…for hours! I realized how much anger I have deep inside. I had to stop after a while and make myself get back to it later. But, the inventory that made me cry was my anger at God. I feel as if I have been asking for him to show me my life’s purpose for over 10 years now. I guess I am waiting for the big neon flashing sign and I haven’t received it and so I am angry because I also have that feeling of dissatisfaction – like there should be something more…is this all there is?!?! Ever since my alcohol sobriety (10 years ago) this has been my mantra that sends me into depression and has since made me a happy pill popper (anti-depressants). Unfortunately I have tried other things but they just dont stick – maybe my neon flashing sign is the pill but I sure wish it was something else!!

    December 7, 2011 at 10:52 pm

  2. greg mcnamee

    Any dissatisfactions I am experiencing , are usually a result of my flawed belief system and self centered expectations . Usually the solution to my dilemma resolves itself through the participation in divine therapy . Finally the question I ask myself is how much time do I actually spend with the divine threapist. Am I attending regular appontments or am I to busy for therapy ?
    God Bless

    December 9, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    • I was out and about this morning and really felt like your comment opened my eyes to EVEN MORE of what the lord has for me! Thank you for sharing and, with your permission, I’d like to ok this comment for others to see as it’s AWESOME. The way you describe your view makes me want to sit by the hearth and schedule daily weekly monthly appt.s to keep with my healer and Great physician as counseling appt.s Really, it’s humbling for me to say this to you, as I should have or could have been thinking this way for forever! yikes! Keep commenting, please Thanks – Jasper

      December 9, 2011 at 6:45 pm

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