little kiddies

Last week, in the early morning I was driving past a familiar spot on this road where a school stop happens to be located. To my right, I noticed parents in cars, watching attentively to make sure their loved ones hopped on to the appropriate bus. Well out of nowhere this “CR#A*CK@!” sound came from my back door. “What in the WORLD was that noise?” I thought. It sounded as if I were driving next to a dumpster truck full of rocks and one tumbled onto my car. Looking in my rear view mirror I saw this little dude swinging his foot as hard as he could, continuing to kick and kick, as he managed to catapult speeding pebbles onto the sides of passing cars. His little backpacked clung half-heartedly to the little boy’s elbows as he flailed about. I was a bit annoyed with this kid but I couldn’t help but giggle at the mischief! Just to get you back on your good side about the cute little buggers, I’ll include an adorable photo from this summer that I took of a little girl at a 4th of July party.

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