please mind the timestamp

Amy and I had SO MUCH FUN yesterday! Who knew that we’d be spending our Saturday afternoon, Amy in her PJ’s and me in my Julia-Roberts-80’s-do, photo-shooting and sweet-concocting in her kitchen?! We did not plan for it, at least!I called Amy to ask if she would help me spend the afternoon baking three or four different cookies/bars/sweets for this cookie/recipe exchange I was planning to attend Saturday evening. She blessed me with her YES answer to my question. So I made my stop at the grocers before arriving at Amy’s home. Check out this silly little list that I managed to check off at the grocery shoppe (for which most items I had coupons! – that got DOUBLE coupon credit!)

  1. white sugar
  2. blackstrap molasses
  3. sugar cookie dough
  4. organic vanilla milk
  5. omega three lactose free milk
  6. chocolate chip cookie dough
  7. sweetened dried coconut
  8. honey-nut cheerios x 2
  9. bisquick

now, if THAT’S not one of the weirdest little grocery lists you’ve ever seen, than i’ll tell you it’s one of the weirdest I’ve seen!

with a little help from Amy and some margarine here, some oil there, an egg here, some spray-oil there, some salt here and some peanut butter, peanuts and old-fashioned oats there we were able to come up with these crazy creations:

1. brittle crunch bars (these were not the taste-winners of the four but they sure were fun to make!)













2. pizzookie (the name says it all – pizza? cookie? what could be better?! this one tasted quite gooey and sweet)












3. carbuffins (cookie? bars? muffins? we were not sure what to call these sweet thangs but they were tasty)










4. gooey bundt-sweet wreath (that’s on the top right rack) and 5. chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-crust molasses bar












Even though we didn’t take a clear picture of each of the five different items, they were all very interesting! The mixture of flavors varied surprisingly from item to item although they each began with very similar ingredients! /mind the timestap, of course, Amy’s little point-and-shoot was THA BOMB for photos, thank you Amy 🙂






















Amy was a GREAT photographer and very helpful in the kitchen! Q: Where would we be without friends? A: elbow-deep-in-gooey-carbuffin-batter-without-pot-holder-in-sight-with-which-to-retrieve-golden-baked-bar-pies-out-of-the-hot-oven-for-cooling 🙂 . Thank you, Lord, for good friends!































Amy was surprised that we could clean the kitchen and bake at the same time! 🙂 I was a bit surprised as well! Not all baking days see the same kind of damage control as this one! Stay tuned for wrecked kitchens in the future 🙂 and have a lovely rest of your day.












Amy and I went for a little run toward the end of our hang-out time together, in all it was an UTTERLY WONDERFUL hang-out time

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