seedlings of hope

Do you ever feel “stuck?” That funny feeling or wonder or, eve worse, discomfort-of-spirit? Maybe even a feeling of restlessness or uneasiness? Perhaps you don’t feel in a “funk” at this moment or on this day but if you’re a woman, it’s bound to happen! And if you do feel this way, you’re not alone. You’re NOT alone. In fact, the scriptures tell of these “weird” human feelings in the MANY corners of history. Another truth is that you ARE unique in your “feelings,” circumstances or sufferings, even. So my saying “you’re, NOT alone” or my noting that there’s proof of the former comment would not console you. I will point that these “feelings” may not present a red flag in your life today but they’re noteworthy markers in your life as a woman. More importantly, they may be significant circumstances that can COMPEL you into a greater understanding for your purpose here on this earth. If you don’t “feel” purposeful, it’s not too late! And if you do feel purposeful I would love for you to submit your comments and share your experience!

I took this photo when I was very sick in my life.

It helps to remind me that TODAY is ALWAYS a good day to sprout new leaves and begin to nurture those ROOTS!

If you can take the time today or this week to listen to this message, I’ suggest that! enjoy! 🙂

tim keller: the wounded spirit august 5, 2011 who knows, this might just be the day your “funk” turns from compost/ick to new growth!

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  1. I am just checking out my new gravatar 🙂 I’ll change it soon!

    December 1, 2011 at 6:23 pm

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