eclair cake here we come

So today Christian needed to write a 150 word assignment for co-op. And Christian does not like to write. In fact, it is like wresting with an orangutan in order to get Christian to write papers. Today was no different. Christian needed some insentive so for each sentence or phrase Christian was permitted a little break in order to offfer his hand-model expertise and chef skills to help create this eclair cake. Tomorrow we get to taste it!!

1. prepare ingredients

2. add pudding mix to bowl

3. stir milk into pudding mix

4. and whisk together!

5. add container of cool whip into pudding mixture

6. fold cool whip into pudding mixture

7. arrange grahams into bottom of dessert dish

8. plop pudding mixture over grahams

9. spread pudding mixture evenly over grahams

10. repeat graham layer (Did you know the the reverend Sylvester Graham developed the The New Hydropathic Cookbook which included the first ever recipe for the graham cracker? Apparently the reverend was considered an “american Dietary Reformer” but the only thing he may be remembered for is the graham cracker! yummy!) 

11. repeat pudding mixture layer and smooth over graham crackers

12. repeat and repeat and repeat til there’s no more pudding mixture left and finish with a layer of grahams!

14. pour chocolate sauce over top of layers

16. refridgerate for 24 hours! 

17. serve and enjoy!

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