my old room

For the past six weeks, I have not really had a time or space to unpack any one of my belongings. I miss my old room. My old room had a golden-framed mirror rigged up into one corner of the ceiling and pictures everywhere. The mirror was one accent in my grandmother’s living room. When Aunt Sheila moved into the house next door, she had re-modeling visions for the living room that did not include such a mirror. For months, I plotted the mirror-nappping of ’09. Finally, I asked my grandparents if I could decorate my little room with the mirror. They said “yes!” Thrilled, I marched through the back door, mirror in welcoming hands, and thoughts looking forward. Grandpa’s shouting “REMEMBER WHERE YOU GOT THAT MIRROR” but a faint sound to my excited spirit!

My room was a little bungalo; a secret loft; a special hide-away for my thoughts, soul and quiet times. Not having a special room for the past six weeks has only inspired ideas for my perfect new room that I shall make soon. Here are some photos from my old room. It was peachy.DSC_0009DSC_0276 My friend Katelyn McGuire (cool name) was one of the first to check out what I called my “Alice in Wonderland” mirror.DSC_0109paintsketchDSC_0487DSC_0004

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