Sometimes I wonder about microwaves.

I feel badly about the number of microwaves I have thrown away.  The Dawson family had six microwaves in their garage at one point.  I’m quite positive that each of those microwaves went to the landfill.  Microwave companies make a killing off of consumers heading to the local Wal Mart to purchase a 15$ microwave. Ask ANY ONE of your neighbors for a microwave and I am sure they have a spare one for you. They might even have two just collecting dust in their garage. I won’t venture to say that microwaves are evil or hateful, even. I’m no communist.  But they surely will DESTROY whatever you put in them. Really though, think of your healthiest little friend.  It’s usually a cute little bean blonde who jogs all day long and shops at the farmer’s market. Her name is, most likely, Tori. And she says “I like to eat all organic foods.” She smiles and giggles and is super cute. Could you imagine her saying “…and the fastest way to cook all of my food is in the microwave.” What?*&%!!? She would never say that. If anything, she might say “yeah, the fastest way to DESTROY my food is in the microwave.” Am I especially inappropriate to call microwaves evil? They are, indeed, a wee bit destructive. Kids put shrink-wrapped packages full of Peeps, chicks and bunnies, both, into microwaves across this globe and watch them EXPLODE! With entire cartons of eggs, too! I suppose I am being somewhat or, even, exorbitantly subjective about this, for children destroy toys and animals with fire and b. b. guns, daily. I mean, no one is calling fire and b.b. guns evil. Wait.

I think we could all go on about microwaves.  When you really think about it, there are certain things that should just not be pt in the microwave. Putting wonderfully and lovely dishes of deliciousness into the microwave seems so backwards.  Why ruin wonderful treats that are food? One of my Sierra Sportbike Association friends, Luke, uses microwaves for the right reasons. He heats up the knee grip-pads that suction to his bike in the microwave. Those grip-pads can handle the waves that are micro and destructive.  Lusciously fresh asparagus…delicately harvested oats…lovingly crafted thai noodles…succulently fresh new potatoes and heirloom tomatoesDSC_0016… DON’T put these in that microwave!

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