I believe in basil

There is a neat little store in Truckee, California called “New Moon.” I will take a photo of the quaint little natural foods and supplements store as soon as I can! New Moon can be found in Reno, Nevada, Tahoe City, California and around Lake Tahoe, as well. I went to rendevouz with my Aunt Debbie for 5 minutes at Emerald Bay last Friday and on my way back I, so muchly, looked forward to shopping in New Moon. Quickly, I parked my car and skipped to the door, but they had just closed! “Oh well,” I thought. One of the best parts of experiencing such a neat little store is in anticipation.

Finally, I went into New Moon last Monday. Before New Moon, I sipped a latte at “Wild Cherries,” another neat shoppe in Truckee, California. Gary and Kathy were just a few of the folks I got to chat with there, as many Truckee locals hang out at Wild Cherries. And at the coffee station, one seasonal Lake Tahoe resident shared with me about his trips to Alaska. He doctored what he called a “poor man’s latte;” a mixture of coffee, milk and cocoa. The man was 79 years-young and rocked a cute, Alaska-flagged trucker cap.

Natalie joined Gary, Kathy, JD and I for a chat. She shared all about these esteem-boosting hoola-hoop classes she desired to teach local, Truckee toddlers. JD asked her how her husband that she joined in Patagonia for the last 8 years was doing and Natalie began to cry. “Oh no, tears, tears, they can come…” JD stumbled over his words. Natalie carried on for a bit about her life’s drama. “I just want happiness…I hope that’s not too much to ask.” It’s not too much to ask, Natalie. She is not alone if that is what many others, like her, desire.

Gary, always ready for comic relief, mentioned moments after Natalie’s exit that “JD [is] a real buzz kill.” hehe

After some community, I skipped over to New and found the door open (not locked). There, I found natural soaps. One smelled JUST like oatmeal cookies!

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