field of dreams

This past weekend I spent both days, all day, at the Reno Fernley Raceway.DSC_0039

How does one get there? Well, when I asked one of the sportbike racers for directions, he said “Drive to Las Vegas…and 400 miles before you get there, turn right. “It’s true! The raceway is in the middle of nowhere. Like a field of dreams for sportbike lovers. A desert of dreams, if you will.DSC_0234

The Sierra Sportbike Association is like a family. Fun, helpful and they all LOVE bikes!DSC_0244 On day two of my desert adventure, SSA instructors Steve, Eddie, Alan and even “team manager,” Luke, took me ’round Fernley’s track! On the front straight I went 135 mph…not nearly as fast as Andy Roddick’s new service record clocked at 155 mph!DSC_0614 I couldn’t even move more quickly than a tennis ball. Here is a photo of Alan and his wife. Alan is Scottish and his wife is super nice…and super hott…I’m quite sure all of the dudes are jealous of Alan. Cool people.DSC_0024

Here is a picture of Justin Macina.  He races with AMF. Nice dude. Fast, too.DSC_0191

Most of the guys camp out on Friday and Saturday nights. Sport-bikers Chad, Josh and Harold took their sweet race-home to the track. I like to call it Chad’s trailer a “race-home” because, one, he only uses it for camping at the track and, two, each interior window awning is lavishly decorated with checkered-flag, felt curtains. I would describe the decor as “appropriate.”

Chad also takes his dacshund, Stan, to the track. Since Chad’s trailer is air-conditioned, Stan spends most of his time indorrs. Stan will come outside for lunch, though. Stan is fairly stubborn and Chad claims that “Stan can sit, lie down and roll over on commad,” but I do not believe this.  I look into Stan’s etes while urging him to “sit,” but he will not. Chad says “it’s because Stan is so stubborn,” but isn’t it possible that Stan is just really unintelligent, not dispobendient? Harold calls Stan a “Nazi” because he listens to neither Harold, nor me…and both of us happen to be jewish-born. Who knows?

I wear this bracelet, a family heirloom, from my grandmother that has a hebrew inscription meaning “life” on it. It looks like a siezure bracelete and I tell people that if I have a seizure, people will know I am jewish. I digress.

I think Stan is a real cutie…just brainless…not a Nazi. I wish I had a picture of him for you! I’ll take one the next time I see him!

I hope Chad never discovers this blog, for I am about to comment on his biking leathers.

Many bikers chose their riding leathers according to aesthetic appeal (leathers can be found in different shapes, colors and sizes) and some bikers chose leathers for their pricing or quality. Chad rides a Kawasaki sportbike, colored with the make’s characteristicly bright-green shade. He also has riding leathers to match. We are talking inky-green, full-body riding leathers. If Chad has a girl friend, I can imagine his dialogue as such: “Babe, I am going to get bright green bike leathers. They will match my Kawasaki perfectly. All will call me ‘Green Hornet.'”

Funny, Chad’s handle on the Sierra Sportbike Association’s message board is “Green Hornet.” Awesome guy…just all green. I rather like the leathers. I promise.DSC_0124

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