Running, for me, is home.

It took months and months to realize that I LOVE running. My feet are like marshmallows when they bounce inside my running shoes.

It took only days of feeling alone in a new place, Reno, to realize how much I NEED running.

It takes seconds to realize how GRATEFUL I am for my legs that I’ve been given; they enable me to run.

When I run, I really do feel at home.; close to my best friend, too. Running helps me clear my crazy head and thoughts. Running is almost as good a gift as my morning time and reading.  I am ALWAYS guaranteed the morning sun rising…and almost ALWAYS guaranteed a daily run.  These are two VERY special gifts for which to be utterly grateful.

Here are the pearliZumi shoes that make my feet feel like marshmallows.DSC_0002

And here are their owners! Bria had them first. Eek, I copied.DSC_0003

One response

  1. “Running for me is home.” I love that. So ironic but so true… Isn’t it interesting that it takes a while to realize our love and need for running? It’s amazing we actually get there. Inspiring post. Thanks!

    December 11, 2009 at 9:05 pm

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