Last week, I was invited to dinner at Tové’s. I went for a run around Donner Lake before heading over to her house. And towards the end of my run, I realized a certain urgency for a bathroom.  I mean, I had to go! Now, Tové is a very environmentally-friendly being. Perhaps some might call her “granola.” But when making my mental preparations for attending a dinner party at her home, I got carried away.  “I sure hope Tové doesn’t have an outhouse.” Can you believe I had that thought?! I am still surprised at myself.  Hopefully Tové never uncovers this blog, for my thoughts are quite embarrassing.  You tell me?

Tové has a beautiful home…but no outhouse. If she did, however, I am sure it would be lovely.DSC_0016

Actually, the previous owners said a chipmunk crawled into the downstairs bathroom last winter while they were on vacation.  The little munk got stuck in the bathroom and attempted to gnaw its way out through the bottom of the beautiful solid-wood door.  The little thing never escaped and only left a GIANT dent in the bottom corner of the bathroom door.  The chew mark represents a descent soft-ball-sized amount of wood this pitiful chipmunk consumed.  I giggle just a little bit when I envision the family returning from vacation to find a wood-stuffed chipmunk left breathless on the downstairs bathroom entryway. A wee tragic, really.

The night was lovely. Tové roasted this lime-red wine-mandarin orange-lemon-basil-stuffed chicken aside a wild rice pilaf with pan-seared button mushrooms and perfectly-crunchy onions. The chicken was more tender than butter (if butter can be considered tender) and I put this picture so you could see the chicken plus an amazingly artistic red wine-stained roasting dish in the backdrop! Yummy!DSC_0022

One response

  1. Bonnie

    Hahaha you are too cute Jasper! By the way, I really love your writing style. Your blogs are so entertaining to read!

    October 4, 2009 at 2:23 am

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