lake tahoe

My friends Tové, Shawni, JD and Beckham spent the day at Lake Tahoe on Friday.  It was quite the adventure.  Setting out at 10 am, JD and I, both, were driving and, together, realized we had left our wallets at home.  There was no fuel in the truck and the faceplate that operates the on-board sound system was left at JD’s house. Nonetheless, we carried on.  JD said that “it costs 10$ to launch the boat and we don’t even have our wallets…maybe Tové has money.” Come to find out, it cost 10$ to launch a boat into Lake Tahoe 20 years ago when JD was a kid! Thankfully Tové had cash, enough, for miscellaneous inspection fee and launching.

Beckham was not especially impressed with another cloudy day on Lake Tahoe.DSC_0057

Crystal clear, bahama waters welcomed us at Rubicon Bay. Lunch and tea house found us at Emerald Bay.  One almost NEVER stops panting while swimming in Tahoe’s frigid waters! It’s beautiful! In the middle of the day, we swam in 500-foot deep waters where just 3 feet below the surface, nearly frozen waters chill your toes.  The water is inky blue and sun rays dive down into the deep for days.  I had to keep reminding myself that there are no sharks or fishes of unusually large size in Lake Tahoe.  It is easy to think all that water below your feet houses ginormously intimidating creatures. Eek.DSC_0188

After lunch Tové and I hiked to the top of Fannette island in the middle of Emerald Bay. Miss Lora Josephine Knight built the Vikingsholm mansion and tea house, to match, in the roaring 20’s. Her sweet little tea house on would entertain guests after dinner parties.  I can only imagine poofy, bustled skirts piling onto dingies that would carry them to the middle of the bay. And hiking to the top for some awesome views and sips of tea. It wasn’t so romantic hiking up in my flip flops and half-dry bathing suit. But it was deliciously fun!DSC_0130

You can barely see the little camoflouged tea house.

I overheard one family calling this cute retriever “Turkey.” He looked like he wanted to come hiking with me up to the tea house…not chill on his boat in the middle of Emerald bay.  With a name like Turkey, you’ve got to be cool.DSC_0125

There were many dogs on Lake Tahoe. Here is Shawni soaking in the sun.DSC_0205

I got the operate the helm! It’s really a steering wheel on a power boat, but jut for the sake of pretending I was a sailing captain for the day, we’ll call it a helm. Driving a boat is not as easy as one may seem!DSC_0091

I told JD he needed to stop frowning so much!DSC_0199

No matter how badly one’s day, week, month or year us going…this view helps blow all cares away. You realize there are important wonders in life. Like watching water fly by from the back of a cute little power boat.DSC_0150

And Beckham swam in Lake Tahoe’s icy waters!DSC_0021

After a wonderfully lovely day on the lake, we headed home.  In the driveway, JD and I commented how “successful and quite perfect” the day was. Just as we high-fived, a giant CRUNCH sounds as JD backed into his house! HAHA! He only ended up squishing a part of his vinyl siding. JD happens to make fun that his house is the only vinyl-sided one in Truckee, CA…I think it is, though. Now it is the only vinyl-sided house with a little crack where the end  of our perfect day met it.

Here is a picture of Emerald Bay that I snapped from one overlook where I drove that evening to meet my Aunt Debbie. She was visiting Lake Tahoe on an AEG (Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists) conference.DSC_0215

One response

  1. Bonnie

    DEAR LORD. These pictures are absolutly beautiful!! I had no idea you moved to such an exquisite place. I NEED to visit, and maybe just never go back home ;).

    October 4, 2009 at 2:22 am

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